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Libra Coin News, Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency, Calibra Digital Wallet

Libra Coin News, Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency, Calibra Digital Wallet

Watch Mark Zuckerberg’s opening statement to Congress

Libra Cryptocurrency

Watch Mark Zuckerberg’s opening statement to Congress

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies before the House Financial Services committee on the proposed libra cryptocurrency.

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  • Status, an Ethereum Private Messenger Goes Waku on Telegram
    An Ethereum-based private p2p messenger takes on Telegram and oppressive regimes around the world. Startup Status raised $100 M in its 2017 initial coin offering on the premise of building a private messenger based on the Whisper protocol that allows Ethereum DApps to communicate. Each smartphone that runs a Status app becomes a node, and […]
  • Bitcoin & Traditional Markets Drop 3% as Coronavirus Spreads in Italy
    Bitcoin price and equities markets dropped sharply as the Coronavirus continues to spread across the globe. On Monday morning equities markets in the United States and Europe dropped sharply as investors fear over the continued spread of COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus, intensified.Earlier in the day, the Italian government instituted a quarantine on 10 […]
  • Lawyers Duke it Out Over Who Gets To Lead the Class Action Suit Against Tether
    The lawsuit against Tether is proceeding, but first a New York judge needs to decide which law firm takes lead on the case. In a U.S. courthouse for the Southern District of New York, Judge Katherine Failla heard this afternoon from three plaintiff teams suing iFinex et. al. and vying to serve as lead counsel […]
  • Caitlin Long Starts the First Crypto-Native Bank in the U.S.
    Caitlin Long has founded the first crypto-native bank in the U.S., that will open doors in 2021. Caitlin Long, a former Wall Street executive who has helped Wyoming enact 13 blockchain-enabling laws, is taking advantage of the progressive Wyoming legislature to establish a first crypto-native bank in the U.S. The bank’s name is Avanti, which […]
  • Crypto Derivatives: CME Volume Crashes 89% in 3 Days, SEC to Rule on ETF
    After breaking above $1 billion for the third time ever, daily volume for CME Bitcoin futures has plummeted by roughly 50% for three consecutive days. Daily trade volume for Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)’s bitcoin (BTC) futures produced a new low for 2020 on Feb. 21, with $118 million worth of contracts changing hands on Friday.The […]
  • Bitmain’s Antminer E3 Will Allegedly Stop Ethereum Mining in 1 Month: Report
    Once the “world's most powerful” hardware for mining Ether, Antminer E3 will allegedly stop mining the coin in about 45 days, 2Miners says. While the Ethereum network is preparing to start shifting to proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus, some mining devices might soon stop supporting ETH mining at all.Bitmain’s Antminer E3, once the “world's most powerful” hardware […]
  • Price Analysis Feb 24: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, EOS, BNB, XTZ, ADA
    Many cryptocurrencies are struggling to break above their overhead resistances, which could result in a minor correction or consolidation in the next few days. The global equity markets are reeling under pressure as the coronavirus outbreak has spread outside China. While gold, the traditional safe haven, has been moving higher, Bitcoin has largely remained range-bound. […]
  • Big Pharma Urges FDA to Use Blockchain for Drug Tracking
    MediLedger, a working group comprising 25 major companies operating in the pharmaceutical supply chain has completed a pilot program with the US FDA. 25 leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, logistic partners, and other representatives of the pharma supply chain have published a report arguing in favor of adopting blockchain technology to track and trace prescription drugs […]
  • Polkadot Will Feature Layer Two Scaling Thanks to Celer Network
    Celer and Polkadot have partnered to bring layer two scaling to the upcoming blockchain network developed by Parity, which enables more advanced optimizations. Celer Network will develop its layer-2 solutions for Polkadot, an upcoming blockchain network developed by Web3 Foundation and supported by Parity Technologies. The sidechain scaling solution is positioned to improve performance beyond […]
  • IRS Crypto Tax Return Question — Be Careful How You Answer
    The Internal Revenue Service classifies crypto as property and now wants to know whether or not you acquired any financial interest from cryptocurrency in the last year. When you file your taxes this year, the Internal Revenue Service will ask you a simple question: “At any time during 2019, did you receive, sell, send, exchange […]

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  • CryptoKaiju: 2019 in Review
    Disclosure: This post was originally posted on Medium: Oliver Carding is the founder of both CryptoKaiju and CoinJournal. It’s been a while since we last wrote a blog post, mostly because it’s been a busy year releasing collectibles and improving the Kaiju experience. With 2019 now done, we thought we’d reflect on what was […]
  • Sponsored Story: The 5 Most Popular Reasons to Mix Your Bitcoins
    If you’re a regular user of Bitcoin mixers, you’re most likely are aware of the benefits. However, you may not have used a mixer before and you’re wondering if is a tool that you should take advantage of. In this article, you’ll learn some of the popular reasons why you should blend your bitcoins. […]
  • Democratizing the Platform Economy: The Quiet Revolution Through Blockchain
    Blockchain – a bursting bubble or disruptive transformation? The Internet has created digital marketplaces that efficiently bring supply and demand together. The success of tech giants such as Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon, but also Tencent and Alibaba, can be largely explained by their two-sided digital marketplaces and the resulting platform economy. The platform companies […]
  • Dapper Labs Announces Cheeze Wizards Hackathon in Lead up to The First Official Tournament
    Dapper Labs, creators of the massively popular Ethereum game, Cryptokitties have announced a hackathon for their latest creation, inviting developers to build on top of the game for the chance to win cash prizes, limited edition crypto-collectibles and the chance to have their projects reviewed by the Dapper Labs team and their investors including Union […]
  • Bull Bitcoin CEO Pouliot: SegWit Activation Process Showed Value of Running a Node
    During the opening panel of this year’s Understanding Bitcoin conference in Malta, some prominent members of the Bitcoin community reflected on the block size limit controversy and the eventual activation of Segregated Witness (SegWit). One of the individuals involved in the conversation was Bull Bitcoin CEO Francis Pouliot, who was working at The Bitcoin Embassy […]
  • Crypto Lending and Borrowing Platform Celsius Network Acquires BSave
    Celsius Network, a cryptocurrency lending and borrowing platform, has acquired BSave for an undisclosed amount, the company said earlier this week. BSave is a platform that provides earning interest income on cryptocurrency. With the acquisition, Celsius Network gains access to its yield generating algorithms originally developed by the company. Celsius Network said it will retain […]
  • Paxful, The White Company Partnership Enables Users To Convert Bitcoins Into Prepaid Debit Cards
    Peer-to-peer (P2P) bitcoin marketplace Paxful has partnered with crypto services provider The White Company to give Paxful customers the ability to cash out bitcoins into prepaid cards in multiple currencies, the companies said on Thursday. The new partnership allows Paxful users to exchange their bitcoins into Visa or MasterCard digital prepaid cards in 10 fiat […]
  • Blockchain-Powered Professional Network Indorse Gets Backing From India’s Top Media Group
    Brand Capital, the strategic investment arm of The Times Group, India’s largest media group, will invest up to US$6.5 million in Indorse, a blockchain-powered professional network. The company will make an initial investment of US$2 million as a convertible note at a valuation of US$15 million with the option of a further tranche of US$4.5 […]
  • Payment Startup Xfers Teams Up With Zilliqa To Integrate Blockchain, Smart Contracts
    Payment company Xfers has partnered with blockchain startup Zilliqa to explore the use of blockchain and smart contracts to bring greater speed, efficiency and transparency to payment solutions for enterprises, the company said on Tuesday. Xfers, a Singapore-based payment processing gateway offering credit card processing and Internet banking transfers, will leverage Zilliqa’s smart contract functionalities […]
  • Singapore: New Pilot Project Uses Blockchain for Life Insurance Claims
    Media company Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), insurance firm NTUC Income (Income), and LumenLab, MetLife’s Asia innovation center, have teamed up to pilot a blockchain platform aimed at automating the life insurance claim process, the companies said on Monday. Using LifeChain, a technology developed by LumenLab, SPH will encrypt and share verification data used for obituary […]
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